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How to Bathe Your Dog?

By Adam St George June 19, 2020 0 comments

Baths are good for your dog to maintain their cleanliness. However, you might be thinking about how frequently you should bathe them, and how to do it on your own, especially if it’s your first time doing it.


You won’t have to worry about struggling to bath your dog every day. Why? Because it’s a bad idea to wash your dog daily. Washing your dog regularly would cause skin issues and irritations, like dry skin. Constant bathing can also affect the natural qualities of their coat. 


You should consult with your dog’s vet on how frequently you could wash them since it will depend on their breed, the weather, and more. Every dog has its own differences and needs, which is why a vet’s opinion is valuable.


After consulting your vet about your dog’s bath time, you can now proceed to wash your dog. Here’s how:


Brush dog’s hair

Before bathing your dog, it’s better to brush their hair first to remove tangles that can cause dirt buildup and skin irritation by retaining water.


Perfect water temperature 

Find the best water temperature for your dog—not too hot and not too cold. Dog’s skin is more sensitive than a human’s, so you should usually aim for lukewarm water.


Hot water can easily damage their skin and irritate it. While freezing water can make dogs, mostly small breeds, uncomfortable and uncontrollably shiver. Observe if your dog is comfortable with the water to know if it’s already the perfect temperature for them. 


Make sure to keep the room you're bathing your dog in warm. Dogs can easily lose their body heat if the air around their bath is too cold. So turn off any fans, close the windows and try to keep the room closed off and cosy.


Use the best dog shampoo 

Shampoo specifically for dogs, should be used on your dog to prevent drying and irritating their skin. Use a dog shampoo that fits well with your dog without damaging their coat. Some dog breeds require specific shampoo formulations, so be sure to buy the right one for your pet.


Massage the shampoo evenly and gently on your dog. But always remember to be careful not to get shampoo into your dog’s eyes!


Rinse well

After putting shampoo into your dog, rinse well with water. Unrinsed soap will cause complications in your dog’s coat once it dries, so be sure to rinse thoroughly.


Be Careful When Washing Your Dog’s Face

When washing your dog, always be careful not to put water on their ears, nose, and eyes. Health complications could arise if they get too much water in any of these areas.


Dry your dog

Never forget to dry your dog no matter what. You may think you can just let your dog shake themselves dry, but leaving them wet, especially dogs with heavier coats, will cause skin problems that can leave a foul odor.


Reward your dog and always be patient

After bathing your dog, reward them with a treat. Cleaning your dog will create a great bond between both of you, and as your dog gets used to it, taking a bath will be more manageable. Also, remember always to be patient when you wash your dog. It can be a handful at first, but both of you will get the hang of it. 


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